4+ stall horseboxes

For serious enthusiasts who need to transport four or more horses at a time, we’re able to design and build a high-quality horsebox that will allow you to safely, reliably, and easily travel to events. These projects allow you to take full advantage of our mechanical and electrical expertise, as our team will happily take on the challenge of balancing your requirements with maintaining a suitable vehicle weight. Safety is key – despite their size, large chassis can easily become overburdened if a suitable payload isn’t factored in from the very start. As part of our commitment to quality, we pay close attention to these details and will make sure that your finished horsebox is completely safe as well as enjoyable to drive.

Designed to meet your needs

In order to achieve the best possible result for each of our customers, we make sure that all our projects are completely bespoke. This is particularly important for larger horseboxes where it is likely that the owner is either a professional equestrian or has specialised requirements. While vehicle weight is an important consideration on large horseboxes, the generous size of the chassis opens up a wide range of specification options. If you plan to travel with a team, we’re highly experienced when it comes to designing compact and functional living spaces that will allow everyone to be comfortable. Similarly, we’re adept at balancing living requirements with the need for stalls and storage space. As such, our bespoke horseboxes can easily accommodate your needs while also making frequent travel as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

    Let’s get started

    Call 01420 513568, email workshop@pawsonengineering.com, or send us a message to discuss your requirements with a member of our team. Together, we’ll determine the ideal specification for your bespoke horsebox.

    Highly customisable

    We’ve built up considerable industry experience and can install a wide range of features and fittings within your horsebox to ensure that it fulfils all your requirements. Our mechanical, electrical, and installation expertise ensures that we can carry out all this work in house to a high standard, giving your horsebox the full benefit of our knowledge and skills. Whether you require creative living solutions such as multifunctional sleeping areas, compact bathrooms, and spacious kitchens, or you want to provide the driver with the latest safety features, we can accommodate your requirements. Our cyclist aware kit and parking sensors are particularly popular options for large horseboxes, providing increased road safety and allowing you to protect your vehicle from accidental damage. We understand the needs and frustrations of horsebox owners and, as experienced professionals, we’ll make sure that your completed vehicle is a joy to live in and to drive.

    Keeping you up to date

    We make the design and build process interesting and enjoyable for our customers, involving them as much as we can at every stage. If you’re excited about seeing your vehicle take shape, we’ll make sure that you feel connected to the process. Our customers are welcome to visit us at our workshop where they can have a tour of our facilities, see us at work on our projects, and ask our team any questions that spring to mind. We also provide weekly updates throughout the duration of each project, so that our customers feel included and are kept up to date with developments. Plus, we use our social media profiles to give people a peek behind the curtain by showing our team at work. With all this information available, the build process will fly by and you’ll be sitting behind the wheel of your bespoke vehicle before you even know it.

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    Call us on 01420 513568 or email workshop@pawsonengineering.com to see what the possibilities are for your bespoke horsebox or specialist vehicle. We’re always happy to discuss our services and answer any questions.