Converting an existing vehicle into a horsebox provides a more affordable pathway to your ideal vehicle. We achieve an excellent final product – our work is completed using the same methods as our new build projects and we adhere to the same high standards. The dimensions of the existing vehicle may mean that there are some limitations in place, but we will work closely with you to find suitable solutions and ensure that the finished horsebox contains all the features that you require.

Obtaining a vehicle

Our team can convert any vehicle with an existing box body into a horsebox. Your horsebox will be designed within the existing dimensions, saving us the time and cost of building a new box to house the stalls and living area. You can source the original vehicle yourself or, if you’d prefer, we can take care of this for you. We’ve successfully completed a wide range of conversion projects in the past, starting with many different vehicles. This gives us the confidence to be sure that your project will also proceed smoothly.

    Let’s get started

    Call 01420 513568, email, or send us a message to discuss your requirements with a member of our team. Together, we’ll determine the ideal specification for your bespoke horsebox.

    Determining your requirements

    We’ll take the time to understand your requirements so that we can determine the specifications your horsebox requires. Unlike a new build project where we are assembling the vehicle body ourselves, a conversion project needs to fit within an existing box. This means that there may be limitations on what we can achieve, though our team is often able to devise a creative solution to any space restrictions. We have extensive experience designing compact, multifunctional spaces and will do everything we can to overcome any limitations.

    Focusing on

    We maintain the same focus on quality throughout all our projects. This means that our conversions are available at a more accessible price point, but we don’t compromise the quality of our work in order to achieve this. Having an existing vehicle body in place saves time and money on each conversion project. We reflect the reduced workload and resources in our prices, ensuring that horse owners with tighter budgets can take advantage of our skills, experiencing and enjoying a high quality, reliable horsebox.

    Contact Pawson Engineering

    Call us on 01420 513568 or email to see what the possibilities are for your bespoke horsebox or specialist vehicle. We’re always happy to discuss our services and answer any questions.