Our story

We are equestrians and our passion for horses and equestrian sports is visible in everything we do. Our founder, Michael Pawson, grew up in a family that was closely connected to the horse world. Michael learned to ride before he was able to walk and spent much of his childhood travelling to competitions using the family’s horsebox. These early experiences sparked an enthusiasm for the world of horses that has lasted for a lifetime. Having experienced first hand the issues that arise while using and living with horseboxes, Michael set out to build a career around addressing and removing these irritations.


In 1992, the family horsebox provided Michael’s first opportunity to put his skills into practise. At the time, his mother had been forced to settle for a horsebox that she could afford, rather than one that actually met her family’s requirements. Living with this compromise and seeing how it hindered their enjoyment of travelling to events, Michael carefully took note of the family’s frustrations and made suitable alterations. Following this success, Michael started his apprenticeship and quickly developed his own links to the industry.

In 2003, Michael met his wife Kim for the first time (ironically, in the back of a horsebox) while she was working as a professional groom. She shares his passion for everything equestrian and has a wealth of knowledge about looking after and transporting horses. Together they have successfully competed at carriage driving trials for a number of years. Kim is also part of our family business and manages the day-to-day running of the office.



In 2007, Michael started working for Equicruiser Horseboxes in Hampshire. This role gave him the opportunity to develop his skills further and he gained extensive experience building high-quality bespoke products for owners.

In 2013, Michael built his own horsebox so that he could compete at carriage driving. This fully-functional vehicle included fold-out stabling and balanced enough room for three horses and two carriages with living space for four people.


Throughout his career, Michael has worked closely with horses and owners, developing an excellent understanding of their requirements and the ways that their lives can be improved by thoughtful, high-quality equipment and accessories. This is the driving ethos behind Pawson Engineering – we do everything we can to make owning a horse as enjoyable as possible.

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Call us on 01420 513568 or email workshop@pawsonengineering.com to see what the possibilities are for your bespoke horsebox or specialist vehicle. We’re always happy to discuss our services and answer any questions.