Repairs and servicing

Our mechanical and electrical expertise isn’t limited to building horseboxes – we provide a range of aftercare services as well. We’re familiar with the common issues that horsebox owners experience and we’re in the ideal position to address them, making sure that we’re continuing to support owners once they’ve collected their horseboxes.

As well as horseboxes, we’re also able to work on a wide range of specialist vehicles, whether they’re our own or have been made by other companies. These include delivery trucks, race car transporters, show stands, and dog grooming vehicles. The skills and knowledge that we’ve built up within our team ensure that every vehicle receives a bespoke service that is tailored to its requirements, and is operating safely and efficiently when it leaves our workshop.

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    As experienced mechanics and vehicle manufacturers, we can carry out a wide range of services to ensure that horseboxes and other specialist vehicles are in top working condition.

    These services include:

    We’re able to carry out rigorous servicing to ensure that vehicles are operating safely and efficiently. Regular servicing and maintenance are key to identifying and addressing potential issues as soon as possible. As most horseboxes are only used on an occasional basis, some owners assume that the lack of mileage prevents potential issues from developing. However, this may not be the case. Always service your vehicle on a yearly basis to ensure that it is safe for you, your horses, and any other passengers.

    Our repairs service covers a wide range of issues, big and small. We have extensive experience within our team, covering everything from mechanical issues, electrical faults, and damage, to interior fittings and furnishings. We understand that accidents happen, and damage is often incurred while the vehicle is in use. Whether damage is caused by forgetting to fold away a set of steps, misjudging a tight turn, or your horse kicking a partition or other fitting, we’ll make sure that your vehicle is returned to you in excellent condition.

    You may find that your requirements change over time and features that weren’t part of your original specification are now necessary. Perhaps you’ve started taking longer journeys and you want to alter your living space, or increase your luggage space? Or perhaps you’ve started travelling through cities and you want to install a cyclist aware kit, parking sensors, or other safety features? With our knowledge and experience, we’ll be able to alter your vehicle so that it continues to meet your needs.

    We’ve invested in original diagnostic equipment from a wide range of truck manufacturers so that we can accurately and efficiently identify any issues. If your vehicle has an electrical fault or isn’t performing at its best, we can save you time and stress, quickly getting to the root cause of the issue and arranging suitable repairs. By avoiding a drawn-out fault-finding process, we can keep costs down and ensure that your vehicle is back on the road as soon as possible.

    Pre-MOT inspections
    Our team regularly carries out pre-MOT inspections for horseboxes, trucks, and other specialist vehicles, making sure that the whole process is as convenient as possible for owners. We will collect your vehicle and bring it to our workshop so that it can be checked over ahead of its MOT. Following this inspection, our team will complete any necessary repair work and present your vehicle for its MOT. It will be returned to you in top mechanical condition with a new and valid MOT certificate.

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