Why choose us?

We design and build the horseboxes that owners deserve, carefully tailoring each project to their individual requirements so that they receive a vehicle that is a pleasure to live in and to drive. Here are some of the key reasons that our clients choose us to work with us.

Quality workmanship

We are a hugely experienced team with an excellent eye for detail. Quality is a priority throughout every single project we take on, both in terms of the work we carry out and the experience we provide our customers. We constantly make decisions that have a big impact on the end product, whether we’re carefully separating materials to avoid corrosion, distributing weight effectively, or maximising the useable space within stalls and living areas. Our end goal is to create a horsebox that is as enjoyable to use as possible, by taking care to observe even the smallest details such as comfortable door handle and mirror heights.

Tailored to your needs

We don’t offer an off-the-shelf product range – every horsebox or vehicle will be designed according to your requirements. We have extensive experience designing and building specialist vehicles, and will help you to get the most from your budget and avoid potential pitfalls. We carefully consider the impact of the features and fittings we install, ensuring you have the ability to use your vehicle safely and enjoyably. Our team is well versed in the latest safety regulations and will make sure that your finished vehicle is fully compliant – there is no risk of bending these rules or exceeding maximum weight limits.

By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts

We do everything we can to look after you and your horses and make sure that you can enjoy your sport or profession as much as possible. We have first-hand experience of using and living with a horsebox – we’re familiar with the frustrations and issues that arise, and we know how to avoid them. As such, working with us ensures that you’ll receive a vehicle that meets your requirements and allows you to enjoy travelling to events. Why risk compromising the enjoyment of owning a horse with a vehicle that can’t handle what you need? Invest in your ideal horsebox.

Made in Britain

We’re proud of our British connections. Each member of our team was trained in the UK and together we complete the work on our projects within our state-of-the-art workshop. We’ve invested in all the facilities we need so that our work can be completed in house, and we can take full advantage of the skills within our team. We don’t cut corners by outsourcing work or bringing in help from elsewhere, and we don’t let our vehicles travel unnecessarily outside of our workshop, protecting them from accidental damage during transportation. When you invest in one of our horseboxes, you know exactly where it will be made.

Extensive experience

We’ve built up a long history of working on horseboxes. Our founder, Michael Pawson, worked on his mother’s horsebox and his own before he even entered the industry professionally. Since then, Michael and the team have worked on countless projects, building up their skills and learning new, effective approaches with each one. We know what horsebox owners need and want and, having worked for other manufacturers in the past, we know where these companies often fall short. Now that we’ve set up on our own, we’re closing this gap and making sure that our customers receive their ideal vehicle.


We offer a wide range of vehicle types, sizes, and customisation options so that we can design and build the ideal product for your requirements and budget. We also offer a choice of new build and conversion pathways so that our skills are accessible at multiple price points. There are always sensible, practical ways to responsibly reduce costs without compromising the quality of our work, or the final product. We take the same customer-focused approach with every project, and complete our work using the same methods and with the same standards in place.

Contact Pawson Engineering

Call us on 01420 513568 or email workshop@pawsonengineering.com to see what the possibilities are for your bespoke horsebox or specialist vehicle. We’re always happy to discuss our services and answer any questions.