Our extensive workshop contains everything we need to design and build your ideal horsebox. We’ve invested in our facilities and equipment to ensure that we can work on each project in house, where it’ll benefit from our expertise and quality control.

Size and facilities

With 4,000 square feet of usable space, our workshop has ample room for the facilities and equipment that our projects require. We’re committed to our Made in Britain credentials and we’ve invested in a wide range of tools so that we can complete each project in house. Once we’ve received the chassis for your horsebox, we’ll have everything we need to carry out our work, covering every aspect of the process right up until your horsebox heads off to be painted. We’re a rapidly growing business and as we expand, so will the range of tools and equipment we have to hand. We’re driven to find the best solution for every issue and are pursuing every opportunity to further enhance our projects.

    Let’s get started

    Call 01420 513568, email, or send us a message to find out more about our facilities and the in-house services that we offer.

    Care and
    attention to detail

    We work professionally and methodically, making sure that our approach matches the quality of our work. Our team members take pride in what they’re doing and, by keeping our workspaces clean and tidy, we ensure that nothing gets missed. Whether we’re completing a major job such as refitting the interior of a horsebox, or we’re working on something minor such as fixing a broken light or damaged set of steps, our attention to detail ensures that we achieve the best possible result. We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art workshop and we maintain it to a high standard so that we benefit from this decision as much as we can.

    See us at work

    Our process is transparent. You’re welcome to visit the workshop to discuss your requirements, find out how we work, or see the progress that we’re making on your project. This is part of our commitment to quality – we’re passionate about our work and proud of the high standards that we achieve. If you want to see us in action or learn more about the steps we take to ensure a top-quality final product, we’ll be happy for you to arrange a visit so that we can talk things through. Having an open, welcoming workshop matches the transparent approach that we encourage throughout our business – see what we’ve been up to by following us on social media, visit our workshop to see our facilities, and receive regular weekly updates on the progress of your horsebox throughout the duration of the project. We do everything we can to keep you up to date and involve you in the process.

    Contact Pawson Engineering

    Call us on 01420 513568 or email to see what the possibilities are for your bespoke horsebox or specialist vehicle. We’re always happy to discuss our services and answer any questions.